Monday, June 8, 2009

Rest Day 5 - Itinerary?

After way too much thinking, discussion, contemplation, discernment, prayer, fasting, figuring, calculating, and mostly guessing, Margaret and I have revised our itinerary for the remainder of the ride. Keep in mind . . . one windy day or thunder and lightning storm can bring this whole thing to a pile of Scrabble letters!
So here we go . . . seriously, we will try our best to keep on schedule. I do realize that the Lord knows where we are even if you don't. In fact, he knows where we are even if we don't! Your prayers will be guided to our locations.
Here we go again:
Tue 09 June - Hillsboro WI to Mt. Horeb WI
Wed 10 June - to Dixon IL
Thu 11 June - to Streator IL
Fri 12 June - to Watseka IL (Sarah's birthday too . . . 40th!!!)
Sat 13 June - to Wabash IN
Sun 14 June - to Defiance OH
Mon 15 June - to Bowling Green OH
Tue 16 June - to Lorain OH
Wed 17 June - to Ashtabula OH
Thu 18 June - to Dunkirk NY
Fri 19 June - to Mt. Morris NY
Sat 20 June - to Sodus Point NY
Sun 21 June - to Boonville NY
Mon 22 June - to Long Lake NY
Tue 23 June - to Ticonderoga NY
Wed 24 June - to Sharon VT
Thu 25 June - to N. Woodstock NH
Fri 26 June - to Baldwin ME
Sat 27 June - to Old Orchard Beach ME and the Atlantic Ocean!
Yes, we do have some shorter mileage rest days scheduled.
After looking at the map more closely, we decided to get to the Atlantic Ocean just south of Portland, Maine. When we ride into Maine, the first city we get to is Fryeburg. Bar Harbor is 190 miles from Fryeburg. Old Orchard Beach is 50 miles from Fryeburg. We did the math and we're pedaling south out of Fryeburg to Old Orchard Beach! Why ride beside the Atlantic Ocean for 140 miles? It's the same ocean at Old Orchard Beach as in Bar Harbor!
Pedal smarter, not harder! 


  1. Barry,

    The other day I was explaining to Carver that you were riding your bike across the United States. He asked if you were delivering newspapers. I of course laughed and said no, but now that I think about it, you are delivering the news - the "good news" that is. We're praying for you!



  2. I want to register a complaint. Where is the Lexington, KY stop? When I originally pitched the idea to you back in 1987 of riding your bike across the US when you retired, you promised then and there to stop in Lexington, KY so we would not actually have to make too much effort to wave at you guys while you pedaled past. Apparently our 45 year friendship, not to mention my mentoring role to you for 30 of those years, means nothing anymore. I'll make sure and put that in my mental file, baby.

  3. Yes sir! Pedal smarter, NOT harder! Congrats and THANKS for the revised itinerary. Now when I can pray for you guys each day, I am not praying for you in the wrong state and wrong city...although GOD has never been confused by it all. :-) Jeremiah 29:11

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! DIXON, IL????? Hometown of my political hero Ronaldus Maximuss Reagan?? I would give my eye teeth (whatever THOSE are) to spend the day or the WEEK in the birthplace of a man who shaped America in such a profound way...and who MUST be rolling over in his grave in California as the Socialists dismantle the Reagan Revolution!! PLEASE take lots of pix for me there!!! What I wouldn't Napolean Dynamite says, "LUCKY!!!"

  5. What part of Ohio are you coming through? We are only about an hour away form ohio and would love to wave and take pictures as you peddal by.
    Robert and Becky Konemann