Sunday, June 28, 2009


"Kindness is a sincere desire for the happiness of others; goodness is the activity calculated to advance that happiness."
-Jerry Bridges

"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them."
-Author unknown, texted to me by Ericka Warren

"The red Sharpie line now goes completely across the United States of America."

Barry, Sarah, Jonathan, Margaret, and I are now in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. We just ate supper at Maggiano's Little Italy and I feel like I should probably ride my bike back to Washington state! I ate way too much!
Today was a good day but riding in a car on I-95 and in Boston makes me want to get back on my bike, find some back roads again, and pedal home! The pace is much slower on a bike and out in the country!
On the way to Boston we did some sight-seeing in Kennebunkport, Maine and Salem, Massachusetts. In Kennebunkport we ate lunch at Allison's Restaurant and went by the Bush residence. In Salem we ate ice cream with Paul Miller, walked around in Salem, Massachusetts (witch trials) and arranged to meet Paul for supper tomorrow here in Boston.
Now, here in the big city, with traffic noises down below and lights flashing outside the window I am reminded of an illustration Jesus used in Luke 15:11-24. You know what it is . . . a boy goes to his dad and insists on getting his inheritance now. The kid gets his share and takes off for a spending spree in what I believe was done in a nearby city. The Bible says the kid, ". . . took a trip to a distant land, and there he wasted all his money on wild living." Sounds like what a boy could do in a big city, doesn't it? I'm just imagining this, but where else would he go to spend what was most likely a large sum of money on wild living?
The young son has his day, flashes his cash, and is soon surrounded by fair-weather friends and good looking girls. When the cash runs out, so do his so-called friends. Now his money, friends, and pride are gone and he has nothing left, nothing at all. So a Jewish boy asks a farmer if he could be a servant and feed the farmer's pigs . . . a Jewish boy feeding pigs. This kid was so far down that even pig slop looked good enough to eat.
"When he finally came to his senses . . ."
He realizes he blew it when he left home and took off for the bright lights, loud music, and wild living of the big city and decides to face the music, eat humble pie, and head back home. Home. That's right, home.
The kid doesn't realize it but his dad is waiting on the front porch for this very moment. Dad is waiting to see his son walking down the lane toward home. When dad sees the kid, the Bible says, dad " . . . ran to his son . . . ." Because of his love for his son, this dad could not contain himself so he ran full speed to embrace and love his runaway boy. And the boy? After the hugging and greeting and loving he found everything he was looking for . . . when he got back home, when he got back to his Father.
I'm headed home. Fortunately I'm not headed home after blowing it in a big city. I'm not headed home after a disagreement with my dad. I'm headed home after a great adventure, the trip of a lifetime. But let me tell you something, everything I need is at home. There's nothing here in the big city or anywhere else that I need or even want. I'm ready to be home. My Father has provided everything I need . . . at home.
Eternally, I'll one day go home. When I do, waiting at the end of the lane I'll meet my Father who will welcome me with incredible, unconditional love unlike anything I have ever experienced. I'll never have a need again . . . when I get home. When I get to the Father.
Doesn't matter where we are, he's waiting for us.
All of us.


  1. Hooray! You are continuing the blog!!! I thought I would check just in case. So thankful y'all are having fun and THANK YOU for thinking of us & texting us the photo from Kennebunkport! That house is bigger than I even imagined! How did Margaret and Sarah get to pose for that one photo with Hillary Clinton? ;-)

  2. you are in Boston. There is not much to see there, but I will try to give you some ideas. I know there is a bar there that I heard about called "Cheers" run by a former Red Sox pitcher. I think there is some really fat guy and a mailman who stop by a lot, so you can look for them. There is a mall I think. Also there is a reptile zoo just outside of the city that could be interesting. After your description of the prodigal son story, the time he spent in the city sounds pretty fun. I do not think that was your intention, but you made it seem pretty appealing. I will check today into some other big cities around America so I can do some potential wild living in the next several weeks. When I am feeding pigs at the local farm and have no money left, I will blame you. Since I already don't have money now, I will go ahead and blame you anyway.

  3. Wow Boston awesome !!! cant wait to see you again . Go red sox!!!