Monday, June 22, 2009

Pedal Day 47 - Motels.

"To infinity and beyond."
-Buzz Lightyear, texted to me by Ericka Warren

"Home is where the heart is."

We weren't trying to get to infinity, only to Long Lake, New York. We did not make our goal today. We pedaled 44.88 miles as we battled the wind all day. We are now in the Adirondack Mountains so the wind and the climbs made things tough. I am tired! Jonathan and I were riding between Inlet and Raquette Lake discussing whether or not to call it a day and hope for less wind tomorrow when we spotted a brown Explorer headed our way. That was it for us. We loaded the bikes and headed for Long Lake with Margaret. Tomorrow we may take a whole rest day. We're not sure yet. We'll let you know . . . tomorrow!
Margaret hit a home run with lodging for this evening. Somehow she found Shamrock Motel and Cottages. She got a cottage with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen & dining & living area (all one room), and an enclosed porch overlooking Long Lake. This may be my favorite place of the trip! I like it because it's simple, out of the way, quiet, and just us! 
Margaret is a very picky person when it comes to lodging. She says she has never found a perfect motel. If she had her own, I'm sure it would be perfect. 
If Margaret had her own motel, or hotel:
1. front doors would open automatically. Have you ever had to push or pull one of those motel luggage carts through a door that you open on your own. Those carts are demon possessed with minds of their own! They purposely allow luggage to get caught as the door closes always dislodging something fragile.
2. "Save Our Environment" signs would disappear from all rooms. She says, "I'm not going to reuse the towels and sheets. What do you think I stay in motels for anyway? So I don't have to wash towels and sheets. And, flat sheets should not be used for the bottom sheets. Sheets should be so tight that you could bounce a quarter off the bed!" Sounds like basic training to me!
3. first impressions would be a high priority. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression so from the driveway to the room everything would be just right. Soft music would be playing in the lobby instead of CNN. The receptionists would be courteous and kind. There would be no cigarette butt disposal units at the front door and employees who stood out the smoking would immediately be looking for other jobs. Guests would not be allowed to smoke in front of the motel but would be given a place to smoke behind the motel by the dumpster.
4. individual room doors would close quietly instead of making sound equivalent to a sonic boom. Room doors would also be equipped to stay open while the luggage is carted into the room. 
5. coffee and tea would be available in the lobby 24/7.
6. receptacles would be located in convenient places instead of behind the TV, beside the sink, and behind the night stands. There would be more than one receptacle available per room and you would not have to know yoga to get to them.
7. high speed wireless internet should not be advertised if you have to go to the lobby to use it. Also high speed wireless internet should not be advertised when it's not!
8. smoking rooms would not exist. That stuff stinks and smoke can't read. It comes into whatever room it pleases, even non-smoking rooms.
9. front desk employees would wear business attire. Another first impressions thing!
10. elevators would not be an option. It's ridiculous that a person has to pay to carry luggage up two flights of stairs.
We've stayed in all sorts of places on this trip. I get excited when we stay in one place two nights in a row. We actually stayed three nights in a row in Minot, North Dakota. We stayed in a house one night. One thing I am now looking forward to, when the trip is done, is getting home and sleeping in my own bedroom. The last time I slept in my bed was Wednesday, April 22. I may have to introduce myself before I sleep there again! It's going to be a great sleep! I already know that. When I think about it, home is Margaret's Bed & Breakfast! It's the place that's just right for me . . . the perfect lodging. I love it there more than any other place on earth! It's my home!
Homes, like churches, are people not buildings. Our home happens to be located in my favorite place. It's always been located in my favorite place because location is not important to a home. Our home has been in at least fifteen locations but it's always been home. Even though the home sites have changed the foundation has not.
Jesus said, "Anyone who listens to my teaching and obeys me is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the flood waters rise and the winds beat against the house, it won't collapse because it is built on rock. But anyone who hears my teaching and ignores it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against the house, it will fall with a mighty crash" (Matthew 7:24-27).
"But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15).


  1. I'm just now seeing a bruise disappear from a non-automatic door in Red Wing, MN! I know what mom is talking about. I hope the next couple of days are real good to you and Jonathan. I sure hope you touch down in the Atlantic on Saturday. Sunday would be okay, too! Be safe and I will see you this weekend. Love y'all!

  2. I cannot believe you didn't even comment on the last picture you posted - I had no idea you were near Loch Ness. The Loch Ness monster looks a little smaller than I had been led to believe, and I also did not know there was a baby Loch Ness monster. Sometimes television does not tell you the whole story. I support your ideas that are really Margaret's ideas. Here are my additions:

    1. I would make the doors light up and make a loud air-horn type noise whenever someone first came through to make them jump. That oughta cause some fun.

    2. I would also equip every room with 10 aerosol cans with instructions to spray them into the atmosphere whenever you feel like it. And maybe put an ax in each room so you could cut down trees in the motel yard. Or cut down trees in someone else's yard.

    3. No soft music - too tepid. How about disco, and a giant disco ball comes down out of the ceiling every time someone rents a queen-sized room, and maybe a group of those Rockette girls come out and do a kick-dance while confetti explodes all around you? That would be something to talk about.

    5. Coffee and tea are for sissies. How about free Dr. Pepper 24/7? Made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. And free Little Debbies. And movie popcorn.

    7. If you don't have wireless internet, how about a list of other available wireless internet originating from say, another business or someone's house that you can pick up while you're at the motel that you can have for free? That would be thoughtful.

    8. Or, if you don't smoke, just so you can feel like you fit in, have a motel employee who will volunteer to smoke for you. That seems courteous.

    9. I must disagree. I think all employees should have wild hair, beards/goatees and wear sunglasses at all times, even in the evening. And should be drinking Dr. Pepper. And be able to quote lines from movies. This would make me feel much more comfortable.

    10. Elevators, schmelavators. If we would all use our ability to fly, we would not need elevators. Aliens have implanted us with this ability, but it is being covered up by the government. If I owned a motel, I would encourage people to rise up and throw off the shackles of tyranny and oppression and try jumping off the 6th story balcony to jump-start their flight powers. That would be pretty newsworthy and get lots of publicity for your motel.

  3. Tues./June23,2009
    Second day of VBS, and everything is going great.
    Thanks for praying.
    HOME! What an awesome word. You're just a few days away.
    **Be safe and remember you are being prayed for.

  4. Y'all must not have a cell signal. Call me when you see this--no emergency, just need to talk to you! Love y'all!

  5. I completely agree with Margaret on the hotel requirements. Hilton Garden Inn's are the closest hotels I found to the "list of perfection"! They have constant coffee and warm cookies at night, auto doors, accessible outlets, free internet, down pillows, but no fitted sheets, and an awesome breakfast buffet!
    I just Xed a fairfield inn off my list in Qunicy, IL for having doubledoors that do not open automatically. What are they thinking?I think I left marks on their doors with my luggage and I have battlewounds also!
    No stairs for me, I would pass out......
    Enjoy the rest of your trip. If you get close to Rochester, NH, there is an awesome lobster place called Newicks that is on the water- beautiful.Jonathan would die. He must try a lobster roll for lunch.