Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pedal Day 43 - NEW YORK!

"The only things we can keep are the things we fully give to God."
C. S. Lewis, given to me by Margaret

"Put yourself on the bottom shelf!"

"Things that are healthy grow naturally."
-Rick Warren

"What's going on in the local church is the most important thing on planet earth."
-Bill Hybels

New York and PENNSYLVANIA too! We pedaled in three states today: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. We went from Ashtabula, Ohio to Dunkirk, New York. Our miles today totaled 80.79. Not too bad for rain, one stop to put our fingers in Lake Erie, one flat (Jonathan), one bike shop stop, one lunch in Erie, and several photo stops! Today was a hard day, mostly because of the rain and flat tire. Poor Jonathan has had three flats in three days. We did remedy the flat tire problem today with a stop at Competitive Gear, a bike shop on Route 5 in Erie, Pennsylvania. We had just met Margaret for lunch at Diamond Cafe where Jonathan got a Pittsburger that was a much larger burger than he expected. After asking the waitress, "How do you eat this thing?" he did not have any problem putting it away!
Back to the bike shop . . . Jonathan and I both decided to get rid of the tires we've been pedaling and invest in tires that will hopefully take us the remaining 596 miles to the Atlantic Ocean without any more flats. We were thrilled when Seth and Jim said they would put the tires on our bikes immediately, which they did. Jonathan and I are now counting on no more flats!
Riding the last miles in Pennsylvania and the beginning miles of New York I was made aware of the many vineyards in this area of the country. I had no idea. We passed several wineries and one that even offered free samples. We weren't interested in the samples because we were seriously looking for an ice cream drive in! We did not find one.
Speaking of ice cream . . . Carman's Ice Cream in Loganville, Pennsylvania is, without a doubt, the best ice cream in the world! THE BEST! After we finish the ride we will stop by Loganville on the way home and I'm going to get one pint of Carman's chocolate peanut butter ice cream and eat it all by myself. I may get a second one as well. I'm going to eat it slowly and let my taste buds surf the flavor of the world's greatest ice cream and my favorite flavor! If I can figure out how to do it, I'm going to bring about twenty gallons home with me too!
Okay, for the life of me I cannot find one verse in the Bible that has to do with ice cream, not one! I'm sure there will be chocolate peanut butter ice cream in heaven though and I'm sure the Carman family will be scooping it out. You and I will eat all we want and never gain one pound! Good stuff. Still, there's no way I can use ice cream as a spiritual illustration. I can use taste, however. Carman's Ice Cream wouldn't be so great if I didn't have taste. It would just be a mouthful of cold, plain old cold . . . no flavor. Because I have taste I can overdose on that cold stuff when I put it in my mouth. I can appreciate the flavor and all the work that has been done to make it so enjoyable.
Same thing with God. "Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who trust in him" (Psalm 34:8)!
"You must crave pure spiritual milk so that you can grow into the fullness of your salvation. Cry out for this nourishment as a baby cries out for milk, now that you have had a taste of the Lord's kindness" (1 Peter 2:2-3).
I love Carman's Ice Cream. That's probably why the Lord moved me out of Pennsylvania and many states away! It would be an unhealthy environment for me to live close to Carman's. I would be eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch, supper, and evening snack before going to bed! I would even branch out and try more flavors. If you ever taste it, trust me, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!
Once a person really tastes of the goodness of God, a strong desire to indulge develops. You can't get enough. You read about him, hear about him, sing about him, and share things about him but you still can't get enough. It's like wanting to lick the bowl! You know what I mean. "Taste and see that the Lord is good . . ." Pig out! Over eat! Be embarrassing. Slurp. Lick the spoon and the bowl. Ask for seconds, thirds . . . whatever but taste! You'll not be sorry. Put those taste buds to work right now!
Don't be a Wait Watcher!


  1. Excuse me! This old mind of mine got a little mixed up in yesterday's comment. I was thinking of the stadiums in Cincinati and after I posted the comment, I got my thinker going and started to wonder why you would be traveling that far south. That is when it struck me, that you were going through Cleveland. Sorry about that comment. I like Carmam's Ice cream to, but I talk to quite a few people in this area who will disagree with your taste for it. Well it's good everyone doesn't like the same thing. God's speed as you travel and may he be with you all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.
    I hope we can eat some of that chocolate peanut butter ice cream together.

  2. Barry,

    Richard and I are on our two weeks off like we take every summer. Last week we did not have access to the internet, and I missed reading your blog terribly. I could not wait to get back to it this week.

    I love getting a glimpse of America through your eyes and your sense of humor. I also love that you so candidly share with us what God is teaching you through every experience. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of your awesome relationship with God. It is quite obvious that He is talking to you and you are listening to Him.

    I am amazed as I follow your progress. In the amount of time you have pedaled across America, I feel like I just got one load of laundry done! Keep pedaling!!!

    We are missing you and praying for you. Give Margaret a big hug. I miss her!!!


  3. BARRY!!! I can't wait to eat a Carmans ice cream with you guys! I think I share that same love for ice cream that you do. I've actually had some form of it every day this week! Oops! I can't believe I will be there with ya'll very soon! Pedal fast and see you soon! Miss and love ya!

  4. What about the gingerbread waffles??? I thought those and Carmen's were a team!!!

  5. Good thing you did not stop and have a wine break. Nothing worse than a drunk biker. Drunk bikers are the leading cause of death to overweight squirrels in the United States. Hmmm. Maybe you should have stopped after all. Also, you will be excited to know that because of your long nostalgizing about Carmen's that I am proud to be opening a new local-flavor ice cream store here in Lexington called Rufus's. We will have at least 6 flavors, including "Old Race Horse" and "Trailer Park Surprise".

  6. Three states in one day, now that's impressive!!
    My mouth was watering as you shared all the yummy
    details about Carmen's ice cream. Wish I were
    there with the three of you having a bowl. I will savor it in my dreams tonight. Be safe and
    remember you are being prayed for today.

  7. ugh now i REALLY want some carman's chocolate/peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. thanks for the picture of the PA shore. I didn't think you'd get to the coast so quickly... and I thought it was Maine that you were aiming for... either way, congrats!