Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rest Day 2 - Margaret!

Your comments indicate that some of you would like to hear from Margaret about this journey. I know you think she sits at a truck stop, drinking coffee, reading a book, and waiting for us to ride in so she can take off, ride up the road a few more miles, sit at a truck stop, drinking coffee, reading a book, and wait for us . . . That's really not how it happens although some of it is close to reality. So, because you've asked for it, I'll let you hear it all from her. I'd like to present to you, The Queen! I can't wait to read this myself . . . It's gonna be good.

Actually, I've done my best not to spend any time at a truck stop!  When we left Anacortes, WA, I found it easy to find a place to pull over and wait a while and just enjoy the scenery.  In fact, the scenery was almost more than I could take in.  I would ask the Lord to etch all that I was seeing into my brain so I could recall it in the future.  It was so quiet and peaceful and since I was the only person in the car I could talk to the Lord all I wanted.  As we've come across the country the scenery may not be as spectacular as it was in western Washington but I do find that each area has a beauty of its own, you just have to look for it.
You have asked: "What does Margaret do all day?"  After I pack the car in the mornings and check out of the hotel I begin driving the route that Barry and Jonathan are riding. Sometimes I get to them in 30 minutes, sometimes it might be 3 hours.  It all depends on what I need to do before hitting the road.  If they don't need anything then I go on ahead and find a place about 10 miles down the road to sit and wait.  I've been able to find really nice rest stops and I get out my Kindle (electronic reader) and begin reading.  I've read 9 books since they began riding.  Some were fiction but I also read "A Pearl in the Storm" (the story of Tori McClure, the first woman to row alone across the Atlantic Ocean).  In addition, I've read "The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Deception" (the story of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, his son, and his son's friend, who disappeared in the middle of the Amazon in 1925 while searching for the Lost City of Z).  Really interesting!  I did not bring one book with me - just my Kindle - because I also have my Bible downloaded on it.  In case you think it's not like having the real thing - I can underline, highlight, and take notes on my Kindle.  After I finish what I'm currently reading, I am going to begin "The Champion Buffalo Hunter: The Frontier Memoir of Yellowstone Vic Smith."
There were things I worried about before we left on this trip.  I know Philippians 4:6 as well as anybody but as we were preparing for this trip I began thinking (worrying) about things until I knew I had to get a grip before fear gripped me!  I worried that I would miss Sarah and Carey and their families.  I do miss them but I talk to them sometimes several times a day so what's so bad about that?  I thought I would be "scared" being alone out in the boonies by myself.  That hasn't even entered my mind.  I'm loving it!  I thought I would miss cooking and keeping our home - until sanity prevailed and I realized how blessed I am to have the opportunity to turn my back on an unmade bed, leave a hotel room, and search out the next restaurant.
I have had a few "concerns" on the trip.  When Barry and Jonathan were riding over Washington Pass and it was 31 degrees and snowing I thought (worried) about hypothermia.  It took me about 3 seconds to convince them to get in the car and restore some warmth to their bodies.  Another day I stopped at a little convenience store in the middle of Montana to get a soft drink and as I was getting in the car a middle aged Native American man asked me for money.  I could tell he was drunk (in the middle of the day) and I know what he would have done with any money I would have given him so I refused.  He broke my heart.  I wondered about his life.  Was his life just going to consist of begging for money to buy that next drink?  A few nights ago I took Jonathan to his campsite while Barry began working on his blog.  Between the two of us we forgot to shut the car top carrier.  I was going down the road about 45 mph and someone came up next to me and honked and pointed to the top of our car and I knew immediately what was wrong.  I pulled over but it was on a steep incline and there was no way I could get the step stool out of the back of the car and try to climb up and shut the carrier.  Even the keys were danNumbered Listgling out.  I called Barry for any suggestions and about a minute later a policeman pulled up behind me.  He took care of my problem and I was back on the road with the only thing lost being my patience.  And that wasn't even one of the things I had "worried" about when we were doing all our planning!
You know my absolutely favorite part of the trip?  Every time I see that florescent green jacket coming down the road.  Fortunately it's on the body of my best friend and husband of 42 years.  Seeing that never fails to make me smile and I say what I've said every single time I've seen it - "Thank You, Lord".

And thank you for your prayers, encouragements, expressions of concern, support and love.  You have helped make this trip all that I dreamed it would be (without the worries!).



  1. Yeah, your first blog! People have been asking what you are up to so now they know. You are a huge help to Jonathan and dad and I know that they appreciate you very much. You have done a great job!! I'm so glad that you are able to be with them. Can't wait to see you in a week!! Miss you guys. Much love!

  2. I know why a cop stopped to help you with the car top carrier!

    I'm really looking at the new Kindle. You're making me really want one. We pray for you guys often. Have fun.

  3. In 1960 when Vonnie & I arrived in Grand Fork, ND we were surprised to find a Southern Baptist Church. We got into town about 2:00 PM on Sunday, February 1st, 1960 and after checking into our motel we made a store run to get a few things we needed for us and our 17 month old (Dr. Keith) and us. We drove past a church with a sign "First Southern Baptist Church" evening service at 7:00 PM. We drove back on ice covered streets to the evening. It was attended by Pastor W. J. "Dub" Hughes, his wife, Dottie, their two small boys, two other couples and us three.
    At that time Southern Baptists had been working in ND two years. Churches from TX & MS were underwriting pastor salary and expenses. Dub was Area Missionary as well as our pastor. Churches had been established in Fargo, Bismark, Grand Forks, Minot & Williston.
    Of the five churches Grand Forks as the largest and we were averaging 100 - 125 attendance (mostly USAF misplaced souls. At 21, I was elected Sunday School Superintendant. My only ability was availability.

    Enough SBC history for today. I wonder how SBC work i doing in ND today?

    Arlan Zimmerman

  4. Finally! I am so glad to get your perspective on this trip. Sounds like the Lord is spending some special time with you as well as the guys. What a priviledge for you all. I am so enjoying keeping up with the journey, and pray that all continues to go smoothly and that you keep on meeting and witnessing to so many great folks!

  5. Yea Margaret. We miss you too (fear) and wonder each week what I have forgotten and won't think of until Sunday morning when it will be too late to fix it and everything will fall apart (fear) and the service just won't even happen. Well the truth is we have fallen apart every week but in spite of it everybody has pulled together and made it happen anyway. Of course I am always the one falling apart. God has graciously give all those who are pinch hitting for you the drive and passion to make it happen. So our fears of being without you have proven to be well founded. But you would be very proud of all who are
    Helping make it happen anyway. We are blessed. We love following you guys and wish we could be there for part of the trip but enjoying the daily dose of drama as you two drive down the dreaded beauty of the unknown. Happy trails to you until we meet again....u

  6. Oh Margaret - it's nice to hear from you. You keep fighting the good fight to get your own blog. You are such the techno geek with your Kindle. Just remember that an anagram for Kindle is ledink. Just let that sink in for a while. Have fun driving today!

  7. I love the next-to-last paragraph. :) I know just what you mean, and I hope that when we've been married for 4o plus years I'll still feel a smile coming when I see John coming to meet me. :)

    Interesting info on the kindle. You should start a book blog! That would be fun. Virtual bookclubbing. ;)

  8. ooo yes margaret please do a book blog! i'd actually love to know what fiction books you were reading! great to hear from you!

  9. Hooray! It's Margaret the maker of Gravel and Onion Rings! Awesome to hear from you. We have enjoyed munching on "your" gravel this week and think of y'all every time we pull out the our belts tighten. :-) So happy you are enjoy the majesty and fellowship of The Father! Much love and prayers! Mike & Jules!

  10. Margaret, glad to hear from you! I knew you weren't just sitting at truck stops smoking and reading dime novels like BLS said.
    YOu should consider starting your own book of the month club... I even have a name for you:
    Margaret's Book Club. It does have a certian ring to it, right?! Maybe you could go on TV and have a show to discuss these books too.... just something to think about at the next truck stop. :) Lots of love.