Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pedal Day 5 - Changes

"When God closes a door look for another open door or even a window."

"This was a two-dog day."
-Barry, after we were chased by two dogs owned by irresponsible people!

First thing on the schedule this morning was to meet Noma at the Tonaskit Police Department. We went inside and talked maps until we finalized a new route for the next few days. I was also able to arrange for Margaret to be put in the clinker for a short period of time. We all now have time served in the Big House after today but I'm only putting Margaret's picture on the post for today. Next stop was Whistler's Family Restaurant. Yesterday I think I called it something else but the accurate name is Whistler's Family Restaurant. We enjoyed the time with Noma as we talked about kids, grandkids, and life in general. Noma is a God-send for us as we travel cross country. We still do not know who called her with the information about our trip but it was not who we thought it was. Thanks Noma, we thank God for you.
At the top of Disautel Summit we headed downhill for another free ride. Remember: there's no such thing as a free downhill. You either pay before or after, but you will pay. We were fortunate and paid for our ride before. We pedaled through Nespelem and Elmer City before we arrived at Coulee Dam.
In Coulee Dam we ate lunch at the Teepee Drive In and had burgers and fries. The fries in Washington are eaten with tartar sauce. That kind of reminded me of Lelsey Osborn-Scott, our Canadian daughter with an American husband and an Ethiopian son who has a Jewish name, who has to eat her fries with Ranch dressing! The tartar sauce and fries combination was very good.
Coming out of Coulee we were told we'd have a pretty good climb before getting to Wilbur. It was a pretty good climb indeed, about six miles of it, but with one incredible tailwind! As we topped the climb we were amazed! There in front of us was a totally different Washington. Now instead of mountains and snow we saw fields and fields of wheat! With about fourteen miles to go, a flatter road surface, and a tailwind we blitzed into Wilbur. At one time our speedometers bumped a little over 45 mph. I hope that same tailwind will be with us all across the plains. What a difference that would make. Anyway, we pedaled to Wilbur where we are staying in room 7 at the Willows Inn. Margaret thinks we're camping! You can decide when you check out the photo.
I'm thankful for the change in plans we've had. Margaret has done so much work planning this trip but she is doing great with the changes. Right now she is looking at maps, bike trails through Spokane, and doing some necessary changes to our itinerary. We could not have done this ride without her. Jonathan and I get a lot of credit from folks because of what we're doing but we could not do it without the Queen. Long live the Queen! Plus, Margaret will be the only person in our family who has ever driven cross-country! Because she keeps going ahead and coming back to check on us, by the time our 4,295 mile bike ride is done, she will have driven about 13,000 miles!
As we work with the changes we know that changes are everyday parts of life. If we're alive and growing, we are changing. God desires changes in our lives. I'm sure you know the last words of a dying church: We have always done it this way!" Hang an Ichabod sign over the door and go somewhere else! Well, I certainly do not want an Ichabod (the Spirit has departed) sign around my neck or over my door. I'll take the changes any day. I love changes . . . the more the merrier. Now I don't want changes for change sake but I want the changes of God that make me more and more like Jesus. I need an Extreme Jesus Makeover everyday.
We are now about 85 miles from Idaho.


  1. I wish I was with Margaret....,she is seeing the country in comfort. I sure wouldn't want to be on a bike and feeling like I'm a popsicle!!!!

  2. Ok, so we have a H-U-G-E (4x6 foot)map of the US and are following your route each day (with red yarn). And I'm thinking I need to call Rand-McNally and tell him to find some of these little towns and add them to our map! Although we did see Twisp. Hurray! But Coulee and Wilber.... hmmm.... I sure do miss you! 8.12

  3. oohhhh! hey, check out the post time! you are impressed i know. and i don't even feel that tired! :)

  4. Can't wait to see pix of Margaret in the hoosegow! I reckon you HAD to bail her out since she is the Queen and Navigator of the trip....and miracles NEVER cease...Barry went to a mall and Summer was up before 6am!...but that Todd I hear snoring in the background? :-)

  5. ...wait a minute!!! It just said I posted at 6:42...and it is 9:42a.m. Summer! You are a cheater and a deceiver! lol! Shoulda' known Anders can't possibly get up that early.

  6. Long live the Queen!!!! Barry's ok, but Margaret? She's a diamond in the rough! Miss you guys terribly! Keep on pedaling!

  7. Keep up the great supply of information. I printed everything for my mom (no computer) and she enjoyed every detail. She said she wants a copy of your book when you publish all this good stuff. I am heading to Carman's for some ice cream.

  8. mmmmmm. peanut butter chocolate. sounds good about now. and mike, you think you're so smrt.ha.

  9. Hmmm...Margaret looks pretty happy in that detention pic - probably glad she can rest from running new tires to you and driving back and forth checking on you and Jonathan. She is probably reading her Kindle. Mike Dorough - what possible reason could anybody ever have to get up at 5 am or 6 am or maybe even 7 am. 8 am is a perfectly early and acceptable time to get up, unless it's maybe 9 am.