Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pedal Day 1 - Uphill.

"Gentlemen, start your engines! Pedals."
-Ericka Warren

"There's no such thing as a free downhill."
-Barry Shettel

Jonathan and I dipped our wheels in the Pacific Ocean at Anacortes and started riding at 8:00 A.M. We arrived at Marblemount (pop. 251) at 2:30, 65 miles inland! We started off with mountains in full view and rode uphill almost all the way. The scenery should be listed somewhere with the word grandeur. We did stop often for photographs and enjoyed the rest that went with it. When we got to the Buffalo Run Inn in Marblemount, Margaret had already checked in, and I immediately took a long, hot shower. The shower felt great! I may take two more!
At 4 o'clock we walked next door to the Marblemount Diner. We not only had great food but a great time with the folks there. In the picture (l to r) are Erin Roberts (who is getting married on August 15th), and the owners, Al and Lori Goerdt. We talked about the ride, the area, how they got here, and The Pass that lies ahead. We had a good time laughing and getting encouraged. This is the place to eat if you want some great food and fellowship. If all the folks in Washington are like Erin, Al, and Lori, this will be a great Washington Ride!
I already used the word grandeur but I'm not sure if it totally defines the landscape of this place. Mountains all around us, the Skagit River beside us, and a downhill or two from time to time as we climb. Remember what I said about being out here? I said, when God created the west he was probably just showing off. It's a bigger beauty than many other places and it just overpowers you. I'm sure it's just a tiny taste of heaven.
Margaret and I are now sitting at the Alpine RV Park about two miles from the Buffalo Run Inn. It's got free internet and we asked permission to sit in the park and send this. We were even given the password with a "No problem."
How do you like my hairdo? It's called "helmet hair" and if you don't like riding a bike I'm sure Carly could do the same thing for a few bucks!
We plan to begin pedaling at 6:30 in the morning so I am headed back to Buffalo Run Inn and to get some sleep. Good night.


  1. Go Barry! It is such a joy to read the highlights of your trip. I'm ready to hear from Margaret! I know she's there because of the pictures! Rest well, my friends.

  2. I'm sure this ride will continue to provide many true life experiences that aren't tainted by all the makeshift responses to the "normal" mundane procedures of everyday life. The rare oppotunity to escape into what may be taste of God's original idea of life may prduce some much needed insights into oir world that we all may be seeking unawares.

  3. I can see that you are loving your time out west, but don't plan on staying long because we miss you here at home! I have people asking for your blog address all the time and wanting to know how you and Mom are doing. Take care and be careful tomorrow when you start riding. I miss you and Mom terribly, but I know that you are having a great time! Enjoy, and we will see you somewhere along the trail! Love ya Dad!!!

  4. Beautiful! Of course, I am referring to the helmet hair. :)
    Seriously, it looks like the ride was fantastic, and you have already seen so much! I love seeing the photos and hearing about the people you are talking to.
    Have a great ride today!
    In joy, Troye-ski

  5. You are such a goober... the hair makes quite a statement. Wish I was there pedaling with you, or more accurately, riding with Margaret. :)
    Love you! Can't wait for tomorrows post. 6,599,267.1

  6. I don't think I could pull that hairstyle off on anyone, but you wear it proud! Although I think now that hairstyle is going to be called, "The Barry." Love it!

  7. That hairstyle looks much like I recall the one Todd had on our trip to Lexington all those years ago when we joked abouit his convertible. Praying for your journey! We love you guys!

  8. Great hairstyle Barry, like Carly said you wear it well & proud, I am glad your first day of riding went well! We prayed for you guys before leaving for church & we put you all on our church prayer list! The pictures & blog entries have been wonderful! Praying always & never ceasing! Melissa & Tommy Bone

  9. That does indeed look like you're stealing my hairdo from the late 90's to mid 2000's period. It has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that could put you on People magazine's "Most Beautiful People" of 2009 list if you keep it that way. Summer is angry because you are doing what we've always wanted to do, except not on a bike. And yeah, when is Margaret gonna post her daily activities blog? Who can't wait to read about how she's reading books on a 2 inch screen and antique shopping and checking into motels?

  10. Are you whistling while you ride? I miss your whistling at work! So happy your dream is coming true and we get the privilege of reading about it every day!!!

  11. Bear,
    I love the hair. You have to sport that "New Do" when you get back to church. It may surely raise some eyebrows. The scenery is spectacular. Thanks for making me feel I am there, other than in spirit. Be safe and remember you are being prayed for daily by alot
    of people living your dream with you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey Barry, "Thanks!" from Elizabeth, Rachel and I for the postcard from Seattle. Everyone likes getting mail ;)

  13. From one old geezer to another -> you are my hero. I mean 63 miles uphill in one day. I pray for you each at 7:00 AM EDT. I hope you are still asleep so it can soak into those sore 66 year old muscles. My bike hides from me in the basement. Its afraid I'll loan it to Barry and it'll have to work. God bless

  14. Only you could manage to make pedaling UPHILL all the way sound FUN. :)

    John and Courtney are reading along, too - I hope you can find some more places to post from in days to come. We're living vicariously over here. ;)


  15. Barry:

    Wow. You are really doing this. Don't forget to take your Geritol morning, noon and night.

  16. Wow, Barry, I love the hair! Looks like you are having a great time. I am really enjoying reading your posts. And the pictures are great. Have fun!!