Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pedal Day 3 - Ready.

It's Tuesday morning. It's amazing what a few slices of pizza, a hot shower, some hot towels, and a night of rest will do for your legs.
Someone told us on Sunday that Monday would be a tough day. And . . . someone was right. In fact, a very hard day. But hard days are not always bad days. We are now fifty (50) miles closer to our destination. We have covered fifty miles that we don't have to pedal again. We have covered fifty very beautiful miles. It seems like we've pedaled through two seasons: spring in the valley and winter on the top. Both seasons were beautiful.
Today we plan a later start. We'll head up there around nine o'clock. We will climb those last seven miles to Washington Pass, a.k.a. The Pass! Now we know why they call it that! It should lake us about an hour and then we've got around forty (40) automatically easy miles down the mountain to Twisp. We are going to alter our plans a little by doing less miles per day in the mountains and making up miles in thirty to sixty mile short rides on the early mornings of some of our rest days. That way, on those days, we'll still have a good rest day after lunch.
There's no way I can explain the beauty of "America's Alps." Creations by the Creator! Unexplainable!  That's why you're getting pictures. Mom was right, "One picture is worth a thousand words."


  1. You know if you would just shave your head, you wouldn't have to worry about "helmet hair." Oh, the pics are incredible!! Definitely jealous!!

    Richard Frierson

  2. Thats so cool! Its like I am on the trip with Berry!

  3. Glad you having fun. I'm sitting in a class learning about EEO complaints and dealing with employees. In my mind I'm ridding with you guys (well at least I'm in the car with Margaret).

  4. Barry... I know today had to be hard, but you are doing a great job!!! Get some rest buddy, tomorrow will be much better. The pictures are beautiful! We are all enjoying the trip!!!

    Bill, Andrea, and Boys