Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pedal Day 7 - IDAHO!

We pedaled out of Spokane this morning at 8:00 A.M. and headed to Kellogg, Idaho. Thirty-nine of our miles were on roads and fifty-three miles were on the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes, the bike trail across Idaho. We have completed fifty-three of the seventy-three miles on the trail and will be in Montana tomorrow.
We ate lunch at Gateway Cafe in Plummer, Idaho, where the bike trail begins. Great food and fun as we talked with the crew there. The ladies (left to right) in the photo are: Chris, Judy, and Marie. Mark, in the back, is the cook and did some super burgers and fries for us. Judy even gave Margaret a rose for Mother's Day. Wasn't that neat? Happy Mother's Day to you mommies!
On the bike trail we saw ospreys, all sorts of water fowl, and hawks. Add to that the wild turkeys, coyote, bald eagles, red-wing blackbirds, and mule deer we've seen and we could start our own zoo. I did see one squirrel today that ran in front of a car to commit suicide. It succeeded! That made my day!
We are in the Baymont Inn & Suites in Kellogg. Margaret wanted to stay at the Heartbreak Hotel (see photo), back the road a bit, where the rates were $29.00 but decided against it when she found out the indoor pool was closed and the big screen televisions had not yet been installed in the rooms. She said the place reminded her of Elvis.
We are all holding out well. I think we're a little behind schedule but that's not a big deal. Margaret is still the best at being our support driver and route organizer. Jonathan is good at riding and talking. Every three miles or so I hear Jonathan saying, "Oh my goodness" when he sees something incredible which happens a lot out here. He also says, "It's amazing" a lot too. I'm good mostly for riding and eating! I still think I should do one of those HGTV food shows when I get back.
We are now out of Washington but Washington is not out of us. We have new friends and great memories. Thanks to Noma, Sarin, Tim, Michael, Marshall, Greg and Rochelle, Lori and Al, Erin, Ron and Marjoe, Brian and Linda, Steve, the lady in the white station wagon who stopped to give us directions, the man who yelled at his dogs to get them to stop chasing us, and all the truckers and other drivers who kindly chose not to run over us. All of you made Washington a great memory in the beginning of a long trip. 
Even Jiffy Lube! I almost forgot! We went to Jiffy Lube in Spokane yesterday for our 3,000 mile oil change. Those guys and gal were super. From beginning to our departure they were kind, they informed us, told us anything the Explorer needed, offered us soft drinks or coffee, washed our windows, and opened every door for us. They even took an offering! If Jiffy Lube was a church, I'd join it! Thanks Washington.
"As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend" (Proverbs 27:17). 


  1. Barry!! I'm beginning to get jealous of Jonathan... Enjoying the ride with you... Love the daily messages....

  2. I think making Margaret stay in the "heartbreak hotel" would make MY day! See what you can do. Everything is so pretty over there. Can't wait to see Montana. Can you please take some pics of some good looking cowboys when your there? And if your not sure if they are good looking just ask Margaret. I think she's got good taste. :) Love you guys!

  3. Glad to see you made it into "Idaho" (wink wink, nudge nudge). I'm assuming those are the mule deer you speak of in that middle picture out in the field. They are indeed rather mule-looking. Weird. Were you still brainwashed by your Washington time and asking for tartar sauce with your fries in "Idaho"?

  4. I'm glad you are on a bike trail for a while. Sounds much safer. Everyone is raving about your blog. I even had someone at church yesterday tell me, "Your dad must have been fun to have growing up". I could not agree more!! Can't wait to spend some time with y'all in couple of weeks. Be safe. Give mom a big hug.

  5. Always good to see these posts. Looks like you're getting into some nice weather; between that and the bike trail, it sounds like a good stretch of riding! I bet they have all kinds of recipes for potatoes in Idaho, with or without tartar sauce. (Be sure to pick up a few recipes for your spot on the HGTV show).

  6. Hey Dad...I enjoyed your post again, no surprise. I am glad that you and Jonathan are having a great time, and I know Mom is too! The Heartbreak Hotel looked a lot like that hotel in Davenport, WA that I said Mom would not stay in and it looked like a hotel you would see in a horror movie!! Ha-Ha!!!! Be safe and I love you lots!!

  7. Imagine my disappointment when I excitedly gazed upon the photo of Heartbreak Hotel...only to read that you did NOT stay there. Awwww shucks! Was Margaret too afraid and reminded of the time when the roach (or rat?? I forget)fell into her dress that time on some youth trip and kids heard her yelling, "Barry! Rip my dress off"? lol! Thanks for all the wonderful memories and for sharing them with us! Praying for you daily and count it among our greatest blessings to call you our friends!