Monday, July 13, 2009


In the beginning . . . fifty-four children in VBS today. That's a good start for us. We are all excited about the number of children we taught today. God is good.
The challenge for today was, "It All Comes Back to Jesus: Follow Him." Our focus for the week is Peter. You know him, he's the one who was always expected to do the unexpected. Peter, even as a follower of Jesus lived from one extreme to another. You just never knew what the guy was going to do. Whether it was denying Jesus, cutting off someone's ear, or preaching powerfully at Pentecost, Peter was not one to easily figure out. Sounds like a number of the kids we have this week. In fact, it sounds a lot like us. This week will be great for all of us - children and VBS staff alike!
The San Juan Hospital now has some special memories for three of us. Daniel Washington, Chris Rogero, and I went there before lunch. Daniel had a lump on the inside of his lip and Chris had an ear infection. We went to he hospital for appointments set up for them by Pastor John. After doing the necessary paperwork and examinations, the three of us were ushered into a room with a "Dr. Black" sign on the door.
We met Dr. Curtis Black and a nurse, Emily, and immediately begin having fun. I'm serious, we had a fun time with Dr. Black and Emily, especially with Daniel and his problem. I am convinced that Dr. Black is one of the best doctors I have ever met when it comes to making folks feel at home and at ease in an Emergency Room. Emily was the same way! I have a good feeling they both are more than excellent in their medical professions as well.
To make a long story short, Chris was already on the recovery route, headed toward feeling better soon. Daniel, according to Dr. Black, had an infection that required a procedure that "would be less than pleasant." The lump would have to be opened and cleaned. Everything went well and we soon were on the way back to church. Daniel, this evening, is feeling much better and tomorrow will most likely act as if nothing ever happened. Now, we all are on the laughing end of the whole ordeal.
Today we went to 11,200 feet as Pastor John took us up to Abajo Peak. From there we could see for miles. Within our view were mountains in Colorado, Blanding which is twenty miles south, and Loyd's Lake right outside of Monticello. We enjoyed the 68 degree weather, cool breezes, and super scenery too. I sure am thankful for digital cameras because I could never afford to have film processed for the number of pictures I took today.
From Abajo Peak we went to the top of Blue Mountain for supper. Supper was potatoes, baked beans, and beef barbeque cooked over an open fire. Mike and Joan Wilcox brought two of their horses and the kids rode til dark. Edwin and Karen Taylor brought some games that we have never seen before and we all tried our best. Pastor John brought horse shoes but the thing we enjoyed most was the sittin' around, talking, and laughing.
This was a full day. I know there are way too many pictures but you haven't seen anything yet! I could do a blog of nothing but photographs and still not tell the whole story of today. Remember, our goal is to get home physically tired but spiritually refreshed with all of this trip wrapped up in unforgettable memories. "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it" (Psalm 118:24).
This is the day the Lord has made. He is the designer and creator of our days. I've seen a bumper sticker, "Twenty-four hours a day: God's gift to me." He makes our days and fills them with himself in many, many ways.
This is the day the Lord has blessed. Our day was blessed. It was blessed during VBS. It was blessed at the hospital. It was blessed with the view and fun on Abajo Peak. It was blessed at the supper on Blue Mountain. God blessed our day and for that we are extremely thankful.
This is the day the Lord has recorded. "Every day of my life was recorded in your book" (Psalm 139:16a).
This is the day the Lord has directed. "Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed" (Psalm 139:16b). We may make the plans but God still directs the days.
And I would like to believe that . . . this is the day the lord has enjoyed. I certainly hope and pray that we, in some way, brought joy and pleasure to the Lord today. We have worked and we have played. We have taught and we have learned. We have given out and we have taken in. As a Father, I know the joy I experience when my kids are enjoying the things I enjoy. Perhaps our joy today brought joy to him as well.
God willing, tomorrow will soon be another today!

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  1. I can hear young John Michael in Lynchburg singing "Saddle up yore harses!" :-)