Wednesday, July 22, 2009


"Home is where the heart is."

We are home. I am thankful for a safe trip. We left Little Rock, Arkansas at 8:15 A.M. and arrived at Prince at 8:40 P.M.
It was a good trip even with ten of us and all our luggage, souvenirs, and snacks jammed into a twelve passenger van. Needless to say, we know how to pack and those kids know how to ride. I really am grateful to Donnie, Corinne, Chris, Chris, Katie, Caroline, Olivia, Preston, and MacyAnn for the flexibility, cooperation, ministry, patience, service, and commitment to the Lord. We had an excellent week in Monticello working with Pastor John and the church family. To them all we can say is thanks, thanks, thanks, and we'll see you next year!
The highlight of the day was meeting Mitch and Sarah Lawrence at Chick-fil-A in Olive Branch, Mississippi. We met them for lunch and had a short but great time catching up. Please pray for Sarah who had a job interview today. We are asking God to guide and bless her as she seeks an elementary school teaching position there in the Memphis area.
That's all I'm going to write tonight. It's late and I'm tired. I'm also ready to sleep in my own bed!
I will do one more blog tomorrow and that will finish 4,295 miles. By now it's more like 15,295 miles and they have literally been a trip!
Talk to you then.

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  1. Welcome HOME!! It was great seeing you yesterday.
    Prayers were lifted up for you and company the
    past two weeks....and prayers were answered.
    Praise the Lord for His love,and meeting of our needs sometimes before we even offer them up to Him in prayer. It is such a priveledge to serve Him, and be able to come to Him daily in prayer
    knowing He ALWAYS is there waiting to listen and
    that He has the answer. Remember you are being
    prayed for today.....