Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 5 - Incredible.

"Be at one with the universe. If you can't do that, at least be at one with your bike."
-Lennard Zinn

"It's not easy being green."
-Kermit the Frog

"The heavens tell of the glory of God. The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship."
-Psalm 19:1

Today was like driving through a stack of the world's best postcards. An additional geographic treat was driving over the Continental Divide in the snow at 6,393 feet above sea level. The scenery was absolutely beyond description. That's why I've posted some photographs, but even these photographs have limits. God's creation, especially out here, has no limits whatsoever. I've come to the conclusion that when God created the West he was simply showing off! Wow! Edwin Taylor, a cowboy friend of mine from Monticello, Utah told me that most cowboys he knows are believers. "You can't ride out here every day and deny the existence of a Creator" he said.
While we were traveling Margaret found some music on satellite radio that made me think I was watching a live broadcast from Montana Public Broadcasting. I mean the panorama was literally breathtaking and the music she found . . . you probably know the music I'm talking about . . . makes you think about hugging trees, weaving dream-catchers, feeding fluffy little squirrels, and laying down in front of bulldozers. For just a few seconds I could almost sense the presence of Al Gore in the back seat quietly humming Kum-Ba-Ya. It ain't easy being green but I was close. It really scared me.
When we got to Missoula, Montana (our home for the night) we went directly to Adventure Cycling headquarters. It helped me feel more environmentally sensitive, especially after my reaction to that near-green experience, and I needed some warm and dry gloves for the bike ride anyway. 
Supper was at the Montana Club, almost next door, where we ate all we could but couldn't eat it all. We even split a meal again! Two people could make a meal of just one of their appetizers!
We traveled 496.4 miles today. All of them were filled with the creativity of God. We are now at 2,332.1 miles which means we are far from home and will soon need an oil change and tire rotation. Does anyone know if Snow Tire Company does house calls?


  1. Barry, I am enjoying reading about your trip almost as much as you are going on it! I am so glad you are doing the blog. I can't wait to read the book that comes out of this. Hope Margaret is having as much fun! You guys are really making some tracks!

  2. Near-Green Experience... We actually had the same thing happen to us (me,Carly,Janice) today. After talking with "y'all" we were quite "green" with envy and wishing we were that. That would be so awesome.

  3. Beautiful! Mom sounded like she absolutely loved it. Thank you for all of the pictures and blogging. I almost feel like I'm with you. Love you both. Have fun and be safe!!

  4. Sounds like you are having a great time, and you deserve it too! Love you and Mom lots!!! I wish I was with you!

  5. I will intervene on your behalf and offer prayers for your deliverance from any lingering tree hugging, Algore loving after-effects. To that end, I plan on shooting aerosol from every can we have in the house into the Kentucky atmosphere later today and will cut yet another tree down here for no purpose, even though I already did that last week to celebrate Earth Day.

  6. I have really enjoyed your web sight, and you have not even started biking yet....I am living through you vicariously and enjoying every post. Godspeed my friend!

  7. I have been enjoying your blog each day, and you have not even started biking yet...I am living your journey vicariously, and can't wait for the next entry. Godspeed my brother!

  8. sorry, I thought the first comment didn't go through..still learning how this web sight works. Have a great day!

  9. day #5 you talked about kum-ba-ya...oh the memories that brings back.....all of our youth group here in ohio sitting in front of a fire harmonizing to that song....Come by here my Lord....come by here....

  10. Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I hope Margaret gets a coat for sure though! Love ya!

  11. awww edwin! that's so true--as far as i'm concerned, when you're out west it's impossible to say there is no creator. i realize that some people do, but they're crazy!

    ummm the first pic is totally the best...reminds me of utah!